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Corporate Investigators Africa has been pioneering various fields of corporate investigations. Asset tracing investigation is one of the main sub-fields of the corporate investigations. We have over the past years partnered with some of the largest firms that deal in tracing of assets and require our services. Our professionals have been working diligently to protect the interests of clients all over the globe. Corporate Investigators Africa not only conducts asset tracing and recovery, it has also been a key investigator in this field.

Asset tracing in its literal sense would means ‘following the money’. But asset tracing is an act done to follow the trails of money generated. Money generation can be through multiple ways. Sometimes assets are traced by the clients to know the current positions of their business situation in regard to their current ventures and business associations. And, sometimes asset tracing is required to follow trails of money generated through corrupted terms or any illegal means. Money generated through such means usually gets spread in devious ways by the conmen that the recovery becomes impossible. That’s when our professionals use their skills to help the clients in tracing their money. We trace assets that are owned by our connected individual / company / corporate. Tracing is usually done of investment shares and bonds which are lost in major economic crimes.

But, asset search in today’s time is not easy. With improvements of technology and cyber security the ways to hide assets have increased. We at Corporate Investigators Africa have over time acquired contacts and build strong relations with helpful sources. This proves us, as asset investigator your right choice. Asset hiding is an act of experts and they do know the measures that can be taken to make sure these are not found. Tracking down these assets is only possible by experienced people with good knowledge and contacts. We have spent years making sure we keep our contacts and relations safeguarded in order to conducts these investigations.

Globalisation has served a source to all the corrupt asset acquiring bodies to move assets inter country, rendering the search even more difficult. But with our international network and our partners having roots in all the continents we makes sure that asset searches do not fail.

Our expert asset tracers have been working in these field for years. Some of our employees have decades’ old experience in solving money laundering cases and have been exposed to all the aspects of this field. Our experience comes a long way in working in inter country situations. Our external relations and contacts coupled with our years of experience has made us a leading asset investigator. Not only does one require international contacts and partnerships, but an in-depth knowledge of financial norms and there upgrades is an essential. People indulging in asset hiding strive for loop holes and we make sure none go unnoticed.

Asset tracing is dealt in four main stages:

1. Identification of assets: Search for assets is conducted under the supervision of our professionals.

2. Verification of asset ownership: A detailed survey is done on the fund assets to identify their owners and therefore if they belong to our client whether or not. No act done by our team is done without care.

3. Mapping related owners: All the related owners are tracked down. This helps in creating a very clear picture of the question of asset ownership.

4. Recovery phase: A network of lawyers, analysts and researchers together work to ensure necessary steps are taken to return the victims their losses making sure no innocent gets harmed.

Recovery of assets is not as simple as it sounds, the whole process takes its time and a number of challenges are faced while doing so. There is heavy requirement of intensive preliminary investigators, even before the field work is approached. The need to trust off-shore companies with the information so provided. Various challenges are faced due to data protection and secrecy laws all over the globe. Sometimes even criminals hold major contacts to block tracing paths. And finally an in-depth understanding of the local laws is a basic need.

Asset tracing too like all other fields of corporate investigation is manifold and holds various kinds to it. We at Corporate Investigators Africa have tried our best to put in efforts and improve every field possible in tracing of assets. Below are the fields we have been working on:

Verification of ownership of assets.
Layer wise searching of disclosed and undisclosed assets in a family.
Using documented assets and source analysis to research for potential assets.
Quantum funds and wealth in other asset classes.
Credit defaults against assets.
Charges against assets.
Detailed analysis of fixed assets and investment pattern in subsidiaries.
Detailed analysis towards movement of purchase of assets and investments.
Finding evidence that assets consist of the procedes of the fraud.
Business affiliation searches around the globe.
Bank account, deposit and any other banking operation search.

Asset tracing as discussed above is the act of locating money and searching its sources. Such an act can only be performed by professionals who have experience and needed contacts to track down the source. We seek to provide the best of services to our clients with no failures. We also make sure that no asset shall be unduly allotted. Over the past years we have gained immense satisfaction by helping our clients by providing services as expected. We are available to our clients as advisors. Our sole goal being client satisfaction we would be more than happy to provide advice and counselling in the matter, as we understand how the tracking and loss of asset due to economic corruption can be downfall of any business. We value the needs of our clients the most and our goal is to provide complete satisfaction to our clients. We make sure that all inquiries remain confidential and none of our clients faces any issues. Our ultimate goal holds elimination of corporate crimes and this is one of the key ways to be a part of our cause.

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