Corporate Investigation Services in Africa

Corporate Investigators Africa is an investigative group that holds a supreme position in various countries all over the globe. We have acquired a strong position as a leading investigation portal in numerous fields. We have been able to create a clientele in various parts of the world and are yet keen on extending it. Not only have we increased our radius, but we have also been working in various fields of investigation. Our team of Corporate Investigators Africa is providing ample corporate investigation services, and is one of the best service providers in this field. Amongst other services provided by Corporate Investigators Africa, Corporate Investigations hold a major share.

Corporate Investigations are conducted in small, medium and large businesses and firms. The corporations encounter various misconducts on regular basis. And with improvement in other sectors, the misconducts have become a curse. These business can come across unscrupulous practices by internal staff, an act of theft of any sort, counterfeiting, embezzlement, extortion, due diligence matters, product diversion, trademark issues, fraud and any other such act that may harm and cause multiple losses to the business. Corporate investigators help the companies to prevent such mishaps and avoid any such damages. Handling a corporate firm means leaving a lot of loose ends and thus leaving room for mishaps. As corporate investigators, it becomes our sole goal to provide protection from damages. So it makes us the right choice to protect your company. We can prevent future damages and help restore the past losses, with the right means and experience that has made us familiar with the functioning of corporations.

We hold a team of professionals who could understand different problems with their never ending aspects. We, as professionals, would make sure that your issue is dealt in the best possible manner. Certain investigations only include monitoring a particular client or even an employee and others are aimed at inter country investigations. No matter what the field of corporate investigation, Corporate Investigators Africa holds an experienced set of people who have dealt with every possible aspect righteously. Once the investigation is completed, a detailed report is submitted to the client including all the details of the investigation as have been asked for. Our in-house professionals have been keen on making sure that no detail has is missed by our investigators. Thus, we work as a team together to provide and serve the best output to our clients.

Corporate Investigations can have various facets, one field being completely distinctive of the other. Corporate Investigation services have no single definition or defined number of fields. Over the past years, we have come across various new fields. With the development in technology and means of business, we can assure you the fields have only expanded. We as corporate investigators, assure to provide services in each of these fields. Investigations in corporations are mainly in the following fields:

Thefts by employees and outsiders in the firm business
Embezzlement or acts of breach of trust
Ponzi schemes
Violations of the company terms and regulations by a member
Blackmails to the company, often conducted by outsiders
Any act of corrupting the company for self-serving benefits
Internet fraud and electronic bugging, a product of modern technology development
Due diligence service requirement by the companies
Competitive intelligence and espionage needs of the companies
Trademark and Patent infringement of products
Counterfeiting products
Piracy of products
Litigation support
Field investigations around the globe
Workplace investigations
Commercial information services

Corporate Investigators Africa is one of the top corporate investigation companies with its footprints in multiple countries all over the globe. Over the past few years, we have increased our scope of investigations by partnering up with the pioneers in different countries making ourselves a leading partner in these countries. It has worked especially well teaming up with various investigators all over the world in corporate investigation services.

Our investigators have, from time to time, attained remarkable results; sometimes in cases where no results were expected. We have excelled the field of corporate investigations over the past years and though this gives our clients the satisfaction they strive, we on the other hand get a sense of fulfilment. Our team of trusted most experienced partners hold ability to solve cases with a global connection that stands firm.

Our clientele has expanded multi-fold and we have been providing services to major multinational corporations all over the world. In the past few years, corporate crime rate has increased extremely and thus the need of our services has also become important. We find pride in the past investigations conducted by us. We have been working with various firms and businesses and their legal advisors. Our links have been in regard to the following areas:

Banking and financial issues of the corporations.
Insurance companies and international insurance claims
Telecommunication companies from different parts of the globe.
Sports brands and issues in regard to trademarks.
Luxury and fashion brands from different nations.
Media and entertainment field and the people involved therefore.
Criminal law cases and their needful investigation.
Pharmaceutical companies.
Scientific research and the organisations involved.

Corporate Investigators Africa is a prominent investigation agency. We have been conducting corporate investigations for long enough to let our work speak. We have acquired partnerships all over the world in over one hundred and fifty nations. Our goal has always been to provide the best service to our clients and uphold the trust put in our hands. We guarantee complete confidentiality. We as Corporate Investigators treat all clients equally and all the queries are heard with same care and commitment.

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Investigation Services in Africa

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