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Corporate Investigators Africa has been one of the foremost trade and patent investigation company. With a strong team of professionals, we have been able to capture several counterfeiters around the globe. Client satisfaction and safety is our top priority. We have conducted several investigations over the past years that have helped our clients against counterfeiting actions of their products. Our investigators have had several years of training that have enabled them to handle these cases with utmost care and precaution. We have been providing trademark, copyright, design and patent investigations around the globe. We started trademark investigations back in the early 90s and now we are one of the main investigation groups in the industry. Our teams are headed by highly skilled investigators who are well versed with the intricacies of the field. We have ties around the globe and have established our roots deep into the local market of over hundred and fifty countries. It has been over twenty five years since we have been conducting these investigations and our impeccable track record speaks for itself.

Trademark investigations in the simplest form are basically done to find out if anyone is using the trademark or any part of it other than the actual owners. Counterfeiters act as the responsible sources to damages the brand value and also hurt the sales of the original producer of the product. Trademark investigations are important to make sure that there are no cheap knock off of your trademarks being sold in the market. Usually small manufacturer use the name of an established brand to produce products of totally different category, this would mean they are using that companies brand value to sell their products. But what effect would it have on the original producer, obviously it would ruin the market reputation as cheap quality products are being sold under its name and cause losses to the original producer. This might sound as a normal issue but it has caused loss of over billions to these companies all over the world.

Being a major market player, you need to understand that prevention is always better than cure. After any act is already done and loss is caused finding the counterfeiters will not undo the harm already done. We have been providing services to our clients from all the sectors of production by keeping a beforehand check on any future acts. And to put forth a very honest opinion conducting these investigations without a private investigator can be very hard. We can do this work for you. But if you take step into the market yourself the results will not be the same. There are several places for the infringers to hide and you might not be able to track them down.

Trademark investigations are of several categories. The goal of these investigations is to protect the infringements of our clients but these can be distinguished based on the choices of our clients. They are:

1. In use: It is done to check if the product is being sold with a similar name to our client’s product. This basically means when a company tries to replicate the names of an already established brand in the market.
2. Infringement: Done to find out if anyone is using our client’s trademark. An in depth study is done to find the false manufacturer and stop him for doing this business.
3. Counterfeiting: To search for the culprits who have been involved in any kind of counterfeit acts and help search there sources. These investigations require an in depth study of the counterfeiters. We try to gain as much information possible for legal actions as well. With the help of local authorities, we try our best to put a stop to sale and manufacture of these products in markets around the globe.

Copyright infringement services that we provide require a lot of efforts on our part. People involved in these malicious acts are very clever. They spread their network all over the globe in different parts and make themselves unidentifiable. This is why we stand as your best choice. We with our experience, would work together with you to find the culprits from all parts of the world. Investigation required can be of two categories, namely the field investigation and the online investigation. Our professionals have been practicing in these two fields for years now. We have made our connections, and local relations in all the nations strong enough to reach into any network and not only in African countries.

Once an investigation is complete to the client’s satisfaction, we provide with you with a detailed report. This report would incorporate all the details of the investigation with proofs wherever needed. Reports can be client specific and we respect that and we would be more than happy to adhere to client’s individual needs. The report so formed generally includes the following:

Company profile: An in-depth study of the company or manufacturer in question starting with its history and any current detail that has relevance in current situation of the company.
Present or initial use of the trademark of our clients.
A detailed description of goods and services being sold to the consumers in the name of the original manufacturer.
All the areas where trade is being conducted of the fake good and the trademark infringements have been carried out.
Any use of trademark on the internet and its root source.
Relinquishment of the company.
An investigation of the supply chain of the products. Making sure that the client does not face any loop hole after the investigation is done with.

Corporate Investigators Africa has been working for many years in this field of investigation. And we hold pride in our work and our clients who have been so cooperative with us. We have together been able to track down huge scams and we look forward to work even harder. We guarantee the best quality of work. We will always be available for your assistance, feel free to contact in case of any query.

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