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Africa Corporate Investigators offer you a keen group of IP investigators who have been providing the best brand protection services all over the globe. IP investigations are one of our core strengths and we hold pride in catering to our clients from round the globe. Our professionals provide tailored brand protection investigations to work on vulnerable in hand. We can proudly say that we are one of the top IP investigators around the globe and the service provided to you will be above par. Many major law firms, IP attorneys and Trademark attorneys all over the globe are our trusted clients. We have been providing these services to our clients for over two decades now. We fought against counterfeiting, duplicity and trademark infringement in all these years and have an unmatched experience among our peers. We put our client’s needs first and aim to provide the best possible work. We at Corporate Investigators Africa have been providing end to end customer support and have worked efficiently to attain customer satisfaction. With the development of technology in the last few years, the fraudulent acts have also increased in number. Trademark infringements and counterfeit acts have become very easy for people. We have kept a keen eye, looking out on behalf of our clients to protect them from any kind of intellectual property violations and online brand infringements. Online brand infringements have become very common and at the same time very harmful. Our clients have approached us at occasions when the problem has reached its peak but we have still been able to find a solution. Our professionalized investigators make sure no stone is left unturned leaving our clients with utmost satisfaction and nothing less. The matter of intellectual property right investigations is a very general matter. Brand protection investigation holds major portion of it. We at Corporate Investigators Africa act as one of the leading brand protection investigators. We have IP rights consultants who have high expertise and skill with needed connections in this field. We have assisted several international clients. Our main clientele is in United Nations, Canada and Australia etc. We have partners in different parts of the world covering even the remotest locations of various continents. To name a few leading countries of our association:

1. Asia: India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, magnolia, Philippines, Russia and Vietnam.
2. Asia Pacific: Australia, Fiji and Singapore.
3. Europe: Austria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, France, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Poland, Ukraine and United Kingdom.
4. Africa: Cameroon, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Nigeria, Laos, Tanzania, Zimbave etc.
5. North America: united States, Canada and Mexico
6. South America: Paraguay, Columbia, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela and Carrabin islands

As IP investigators, we know that brand protection is not an easy task. As an individual company if you step into this field to protect your own company the result may not be the same and might disappoint you. We hold a strong base, and we know the techniques specially required to attain any kind of results. Our processes involve complete identity, external image, quality and standard ranks in the business which can estimate the overall reputation of the brand and trademark in international market.

We know the fact that the world has seen growth in organised as well as unorganised sector and we have been working in both these sectors to attain quality results. The unorganised sector is highly unregulated and it makes them easy to use brand names and harm the original manufacturers. It makes the task of copying easier for them. They easily create similar brand names and dress similarly like the original manufacturers. They don’t even have to pay any kind of taxes or duties considering some these acts are completely unregulated. These products are supplied to unknown geographical areas and distinct places from where it becomes very difficult to trace the chain. Over the past few years, our work has remained unmatched. We have developed the right contacts and we have made sure that our clients suffer this no more. As an individual organisation you cannot enter and search for yourself. Instead you can let us do your job and we will provide with better and professional services.

Brand protection and monitoring helps you protect your IP rights and conduct a safe business. Usually clients approach us after the menace has taken place but the experienced firms know the need to have a pre-armed system that would protect them from facing any future risk as this is a necessity and we make sure to that to you. Services like website name monitoring, domain name registration monitoring, phishing detection service, and various monitoring services are provided by us. Our online brand protection services include:

Online brand protection of counterfeit products.
Combat unauthorised online use.
Brand monitoring
Website content protection
Social media monitoring
Online common law search
Content monitoring
Online reputation management
Online detection of abuses and misuses of brands
IP monitoring
Price monitoring
Auction monitoring
Mobile application monitoring
Evidential purchasing

We are professionals who know value of the discretion to the fullest. For any queries, feel free to reach us. We will make sure that every internal conversation will remain discreet and confidential. We put client’s needs before our own. We have always worked with the sole goal to attain a complete client satisfaction and we seek to keep up with that.

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