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Corporate Investigators Africa promises to deliver its clients with the most reliable information attained through proven methodologies and confident sources of claims from all over the globe. Clients can surely rely on our investigations and make a sound decision thereafter. We at Corporate Investigators Africa have been working in this field of investigation for years now; the services provided speak for our work. Over the past years, we have provided services to the clients from different parts of the world. We hold a reliable position in death claim investigations and our aim has always been to deliver the best information to our clients.

With an increase in insurance claims, we have also increased our international ties. This has enabled us to create a base for investigations around the globe. We have partners and various contacts that help us get the best information from different nations. We have over one hundred fifty partners all over the globe, let alone the contacts that we have made as a trusted investigative source over the years. This helps us gain most minute details of a case, and meet the most relevant witnesses.

A major amount of death claim investigations are requested by insurance claim companies. Insurance is a means to safeguard the family if there is a death of any member who was to protect the family and supply income. A certain fixed sum is then provided to the family member after the death. But this doesn’t include any expenses on burial, taxes, unplanned incidents, children’s education expenses etc. Insurance would only provide the fixed sum of money to the assigned family member. Over the past few years, insurance fraud has become a major setback for the insurance companies and for the society in general. People portray their deaths in order to fool the insurance companies. It is a crime in all the states if you knowingly and falsely try to deceive an insurance company with the aim to get the insurance money.

There are several types of insurance frauds that can harm you. Faked deaths are still less frequent but people can tamper with the insurance policy like change the beneficiary for example. The act of deceiving an insurance company can easily be considered an organised crime in today’s world. And the intensity of loss depends on the insurance policy. If such a fraud is discovered the claim on the hands of the insurance companies can be refused to the claimants and the person will be duly punished under the state laws or federal laws.

Death claim investigation can broadly be of four types:

Full profile investigation of claimant where in every detail of the claimant is looked into. Right from the name of the person to every physical and financial characteristics and his history, are all looked into.
Identification investigation includes a complete investigation of the claimant in accident cases. Sometimes the accident is so gruesome the affected is not recognisable by the pictures. This leads the insurance companies to ambiguity.
Cause of death investigations hold a major portion of the death claim investigations. A full detailed investigative study in regard to the cause of the death and any other questions that might arise are based on the case.
Tracing the witness or objects for the clients that hold importance in death claims. In some cases, the document or witnesses that are necessary for the claim are nowhere to be found. This is where we help you!

As an insurance company, you should be regularly conducting these investigations. Petty frauds are very common and can be done easily. Several petty frauds would mean high losses. We have been working with some renowned insurance companies that make sure that even the slightest ambiguity would need an investigation. There are certain precautions that you can consider during a claim, like handwritten receipts, increase in insurances exactly prior to an accident or death, significant financial debt on behalf of the claimant, or lack of police reports after the accident.

Corporate Investigators Africa has worked with several companies from around the globe, and gained extensive experience in this matter. Unfortunately there are people out there aiming to take advantage of the situation in the most malafide way. We have several investigation tactics and make sure that no criminal activity is left unnoticed. Various death claim investigations services provided by us include:

National or International insurance claim investigation services
Insurance fraud investigation
Accident claim investigation
Life insurance claim investigation
Property claim investigation
Travel insurance claim investigation
Investigation of third party claims
Investigation of medi-claim insurance
Personal accident claims
Tracing witnesses and obtaining statements and interview
Homicide or suicide investigation
Background history investigation
Interviews and statements of any person involved
Documented evidence
Surveillance or activity checks
Medical records
Compulsory third party claims
Worker compensation claims

Corporate Investigators Africa has been dealing with several such companies which regularly indulge in insurance claim investigations. Sometimes the result shows that the claim is bonafide but it is always safe to take precaution. Our group of trained professionals headed by some high experienced employees provide you with every aspect of the investigation. Our professionals are keen on finding the real facts and their experience helps them easily differentiate between the genuine and fake claims often at the outset of the investigation itself. We provide a timely update regarding the investigation to our clients and make sure that the operation of the investigation is fast and secure. Our work in this field has always been appreciated by our clients, and we have helped them in their issues. You can always email us all the details that are required by you specifically so that we work specially in specific area. Death claim investigations are sensitive in terms of people that we have keep under consideration that the family has lost a member, and we are highly conscious of this fact.

The investigation needs of every client stand to vary and we do not restrict them to the above pointers. We make sure that every investigation in its complex nature gets a degree of conclusion that would render our clients satisfied. All these collected evidences will be represented in a friendly and formal format that would help you make a sound decision in regard to the issue.

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