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Corporate Investigators Africa is one of the leading investigation companies in Africa. Its easy access and wide range of services have created a mark in the investigative field. We have a wide range of clientele that includes corporate firms, legal firms, insurance companies, financial institutions, fraud examiners and several other reputed organisations from around the globe. We have worked in various investigative fields and an easy one-click reach has made us an altogether efficient source. Our team of Corporate Investigators Africa provides various services, wherein corporate investigations hold a strong position.

The companies involved in any kind of corporate mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures or IPOs need to consider the consequences of these acts. The inter-corporate ventures with improvement and development in every other field have also seen increase in corporate frauds. Due Diligence Investigators play a key role in determining the target partner’s ability, reputation, financial strength and liabilities. This provides a clearer prospective, before making any further move. The investigation of corporate bodies by other such entities who they are expected to collaborate with is called corporate due diligence. An in-depth investigation of the target company would prevent the corporate body from any embarrassment, reduce risks, provide clearer picture and makes the contract reliable thereof. Any agreement without a background check can prove harmful to the company, and the smart players make sure they keep an eye on their partners. An investigative due diligence report will include a detailed report with evaluation of all the practices of the company including its legal position and financial liabilities.

Due diligence services include:

In-depth investigations of various activities, links and association
A detailed market reputation and background check
All business association, associates and work
Any critical bias or loophole that can come up at the time of agreement
Hidden plans behind the contract or any agenda in this regard
Past and present activities that are hidden but relevant
Risk assessment of post transaction or agreement
Financial structure analysis in regard to past and present activities

The goal of due diligence is to obtain information though the method can differ according to different clients and their respective needs. Thus, there are few categories of due diligence that we deal in:

1. Business Background Investigations: In corporate business world, multiple frauds and mishaps happen because no proper background check is conducted. Smart firms with past experiences make sure they conduct regular background check on their partners to stay safe. They check up on various aspects of the partners and check any act of the past that may harm the company in future ventures. Our job here is to provide the best possible information and protect our clients.

2. Prospective Client Investigations: These are in regard to future business partnerships or ventures that the client may become a part of. Due diligence focuses on the various future consequences of a deal with a company and how it would impact our clients. We provide information to make sure any future mishap is prevented. This field of investigation has been the most important amongst all from the client’s perspective. Any major deal with a toxic company can cause disasters.

3. Desktop Investigations: Most enquiries begin as a desktop investigation. We try and find the quickest information for the client through our desktop searches and the further investigation takes place according to the information unearthed as a result of these searches. Desktop investigations are the fastest source for a client to get an idea if he wants to conduct a further in-depth investigation or decide otherwise.

Our team being very well equipped in the latest technology and with our good sourcing abilities, we have been able to provide a maximum success rate in the field of Due Diligence Investigation Services. We have been able to provide an easy tool to our clients all over the world and protect them from any future frauds or scams. A detailed report putting forth all the pros and cons of dealing with the target company helps the client in making a safe decision. We, as professionals, make sure that no stone is left unturned and no avenue unexplored.

Various fields in which we have investigated over the time and in which we have gained ample experience include:

A detailed analysis of the company’s history and background which would affect the client.
A comprehensive and detailed analysis of the marketing environment (both external and internal).
Any past or present acquisition, partnership or joint ventures with other entities.
Insurance safeguards present and various liabilities that the company holds.
A complete check of prospective clients and partners. In order to ensure safety of the client’s company’s future.
Various assets and abilities of the target company that hold a positive ground for a deal.
Equity standards of the target company and how they affect the clients.
Fraud investigation, their prevention and detection by Target Company.
Evaluation of Transactions by the target company in the past.
Government regulations and how they affect the conduct of the target company.
Bankruptcies and credit score evaluation of the target company.
Employees’ analysis in detail if required. It would include the personalities of various employees, the Employee Unions and how they affect the company.
Intellectual property of the target company with emphasis on detailed figure.
Criminal and civil litigation history of the target company.
Documents of the company and any subsidiary company.
Other partnerships and records.
Compatibility and information system of audits in the company.

An in-depth report is provided to the client on completion of the investigation. This extensive report holds all the information of the target from its assets and liabilities to its documents and that of its subsidiaries. The report ensures that the client faces no loss. The report focuses on all the relevant aspects of the client’s briefing. The goal of the Corporate Due Diligence report is to put forward the advantages and disadvantages of a contract with the target company to make the right decision.

Corporate Investigators Africa has proved itself to be a reliable source of investigation in the corporate field over the past years. And with its ever increasing clientele in the corporate investigation field, the quality work to be provided is without a doubt par excellence.

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