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A corporate investigation is one such field that Corporate Investigators Africa pioneers in and background checks of corporate organisations worldwide stands as our all-time forte. We have a team of professionals who have been specialised in conducting corporate background checks. We understand our client’s dilemma and make sure that the most specialised team of employees are hired therefore. Our vast network and deep rooted investigating skills makes us a leader in this field. Corporate background checks prevent damages due to mishandled hiring of employees and we make sure our clients do not face any such risks. At Corporate Investigators Africa, every investigation is done with equal determination and all our clients have been provided satisfactory services.

To protect any corporate firm from potential risks, a background check becomes imperative. So, a corporate screening is review of a person or any other organisation’s commercial financial and criminal records. Background checks can include any detail of a person with respect to their education employment or credit and criminal record. The key is to verify a person or organisation as secure for business. When an employee is hired, the company believes his resume to be valid. The company may or may not believe or so but in either of the cases, one cannot ignore the potential threat that would happen to the company if there happens to be malafide intentions on his part. To make sure that the employee you are hiring is safe and wouldn’t harm the organisations in any manner, corporate background investigations are necessary. We have thus been able to create a base for such investigations.

Background checks of employees and organisations are a common practice by various companies. Corporate Investigators Africa has been holding a strong clientele that trusts us with their investigation needs. There are numerous reasons why a company would opt for background checks. The most regular reasons for conducting background checks is listed below:

Background checks that highlight the criminal history of a person. In Criminal record checks, we would provide you with the all the details of a person’s criminal history. Though sometimes even criminal records do not determine a person’s ability to be employed yet having a detailed knowledge would not cause any harm.
Sometimes, background checks are done to merely avoid any future liabilities on the company. Hiring a person who has been a repetitive offender in the past and having no knowledge about it could mean being held liable for any of his future acts.
The background tracking is not only done to find the wrongful intentions of the employees but make sure that the company’s in house environment stays secure and peaceful also.
Employees are hired for their competency. And imagine if an employee who is hired for competency he holds on his resume does not exist in reality. This is where background tracking plays a key role.
Finally even if all the tests are cleared and no wrongful intentions are determined, it gives the company a reassurance that the decision made is not wrong.

Our team of Corporate Investigators Africa have been working in the field of corporate background checks and we have excelled in a number of sub-fields of this investigation. Different fields of background checks include:

1. Company background screening: Our team of qualified individuals have been at work in checking other companies that could act as a potential risk or even as a mode of clearing ambiguity before any future ventures.

2. Employee screening: Hiring employees is important for future development of any company yet the risks involved cannot be ignored. Precaution is always better than cure in this issue and thus keeping a check on new recruits is important.

3. Registration and Qualification check: under this field we verify registration of profession mentioned by the applicant through relevant regulatory body where they can recive and confirm whether the registered profession and qualification provided match the candidate.

We have been consistently active at providing both pre and post-employment background check services to a large number of clients. We have been keen on protecting our associates at every step with all possible help given to them. Various causes can lead to a need of background checks. As companies are facing threats of all sorts, you should keep a record of the following details of any future associate:

Socio-economic status of the corporation that can be a future partner.
Debt and credit history of the organisations.
Criminal background and fraud check screening.
Business license expiration dates.
Legitimate cases in courts, of any field.
Reliability and validity.
Past links, records and association.
Company records and documents.
Complete profile search.
Vanishing records of the company.
Annual reports and returns.
Registrar of the company (ROC) records.
Balance sheets of the company (profit and loss matters).

At Africa group of corporate investigators we understand your need of these background investigations and we cannot ignore the fact that every check needs to be completely insightful. In the past years, we have overcome many difficulties in this field, making our way through each of them. Sometimes even the records are hidden or are not available easily, you need a company with deep roots like ours. Our sources have their outreach around the globe making sure no stone is left unturned. The information that stands in the plain sight might not be accurate or up-to-date. In situations like this, Africa Corporate Investigators has always acted efficiently providing the most up-to-date information available. We also verify every document or record provided by us and its validity is duly examined.

We are determined to help you, even if there exists an ambiguity as to how to reach a solution, contact us. We can draw the right path for you in this field. Our highly experienced professionals will guide you through background checks and even provide you with all the answers you need to understand your individual problem. We have been determined to help you choose the right employees for your companies and protect you from any ambiguous future venture.

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