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Corporate Investigators Africa has an esteemed range of services spread all over the globe. Our sources are based and rooted in such a way that all kinds of investigations are done with maximum success rate. A huge part of our clientele is based around well-established corporations. Our goal is to provide an at par service to all by truly fetching all the right information. Business background investigation holds a key role in this sector of investigations. It is not news that companies need to come together to expand their work, but the validity of such step is always ambiguous. This is where we help our clients, by providing a detailed background to our clients before they start any new venture.

Corporate entities expand their business by merging and acquiring other similar entities. Such merger and acquisitions are commonly conducted in the business sector. These act as a quick way of instant growth and development of business. But the valuation of the prospective partner is an important pre requisite, it protects the company from any future mishaps and losses. Valuation would be a detailed background check of the prospective partner. Any corporation ready to participate in a joint venture, must conduct a background screening of such future partners. At Corporate Investigators Africa we provide services that will help you take the right decision by providing an in depth report. Our aim is to provide client-focused, efficient and full inclusive pre-employment screening. Our effective group of partners from over 125 countries and deep rooted connections have made us a leading investigator in the field of background checks.

We have a team of professional background screeners, these people have experiences in regard to all that comes forth in this field. They have been mitigating concerns of our client in context to joint ventures and employ thefts.

Corporate background information consists of variant sub investigations. Corporate Investigators Africa has over the course of its existence has gained experience in all its fields. We have our professionals working individually for different fields, providing all our clients quality reports. Below mentioned are the sub fields of background check services provided by us:

Socio-economic status of the corporation in a detailed manner to as to take proper precaution while making any future move into a joint venture with it.
Debt and credit history defines a company’s money assets. Imagine coming into business with any come that has past debts that would now be your liability too. Having prior knowledge of the target company’s income history is a very important pre step.
A detailed view into the criminal backgrounds of the company is a necessity. It may or may not affect the company’s decision to come into agreement but the knowledge is important.
Keeping track of bank fraud checks of any target company.
Complete investigation of the past and current legitimate court cases. Any future venture of a company will affect the current partners as well.
Detailed check of company records in every aspect to help you make the right decision.
Complete profile research of an organisation or a person that would help you get an insight of what venture are you getting into. And if you should or not make any further moves.
Registrar of the company records (ROC)
Annual reports and returns of all the past years.
Balance sheets; profit and loss details of the target company.
Vanishing records of the company, and an insight to any act that would be considered as suspicious.
Any past links, associates and activities. These might affect your future business with any such company.

Above a list of needed information for any future venture. We also base our searches completely on individual industries. Our work is product of your needs and we would be more than happy to provide you with customised searches based on your needs. Over the past years our team of Corporate Investigators Africa have gained experience of working with corporations all over the world. Our clients have always been satisfied with the services provided. Over the years we have overcome several difficulties and made our ground stronger. Issues like inter country policies, hidden details, fake documents, malafide companies/partners etc. These have been quite comman over the years. We have always been keen on improving our services.

We aim to provide you with all the needful details of any target company. We can modify our services based on your requirement and provide you the best results. We never let hold of our ethics and every minute conversation is confidential. We act with complete professionalism, providing the information in the most detailed possible way. Client satisfaction has always been our sole goal and we aim to achieve it every day a little more.

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