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Corporate Investigators Africa is a leading investigation group in the field of trademark protection. We have a strong sphere of contacts and partners in over one hundred and fifty countries. This makes us your first preference. The quality of work provide by us has been unmatched and we have been working day and night to maintain this position. We work with a team of trained professionals who will advise you and make sure that you don’t face any kind of loss. Our clientele has increased over the years and we have made good relations with various leading brands from around the globe. We are thus your best choice to conduct trademark protection investigation in any part of the world.

In trademark watch investigations basically, we are guarding your trademark. Having rights over trademark is as valuable as any other asset in the business world. In fact, with changing times, trademarks are proving to be more and rarer and thus their value stands to increase. Owning a trademark will come with its own risks. Trademark basically means having right over something that is one of a kind. Be it the manufacturer of a particular product or even the name of a company. But people tend to copy these trademarks. Trademarks hold a brand reputation and when copied they would give benefits to the fraudsters and fool the consumer who believes to have invested in the actual and original product. Now, we understand that is very difficult for companies to keep a check on all infringements of their trademark. This is where we come into picture; we will keep a watch on your trademark for you. We will make sure that you do not have to face another loss situation and get constant alerts of any misconduct by any person. By a regular trademark search both online and in field we will make sure that any false act will be stopped right in the beginning and stop it from growing.

Being a major market player, you need to understand that prevention is always better than cure. After any act is already done and loss is caused, finding the counterfeiters will not undo the harm already done. We have been providing services to our clients from all the sectors of production by keeping a beforehand check on any future acts. And to put forth a very honest opinion, conducting these investigations without a private investigator can be very hard. We can do this work for you. But if you take step into the market yourself, the results will not be the same. There are several places for the infringers to hide and you might not be able to track them down.

We provide all kinds of screening services, our online screening services have been very efficient and helpful to our clients over the past few years. We will search and look into any similar names to your trademark and inform you the minute we find something suspicious. A trademark monitoring investigator is your basic requirement to protect yourself or else fraudsters would take wrongful advantage of your name. Various trademark services provided by us include:

1. Trademark registry monitoring
2. Trademark ownership searches
3. Copyright screening
4. Online tools
5. Trademark data validation
6. International data screening
7. Watching products
8. Web watching
9. Identical trademark watch
10. Company name watch – National and International
11. Trademark applicant watch National and International
12. Trademark watch – National and International
13. Status tracking from trademark filing to registration
14. Monitoring competitors
15. Monitoring new trademark applications similar to your own trademark
16. Pharma trademark screening
17. Weekly reports

Trademark watch is considered an essential to protect your companies in today’s time. Various benefits of trademark watch include:

1. Sooner a trademark infringement is discovered easier it is for the companies to impose their IP rights. When an outsider is trying to copy your products or even create a similar trademark a pre-check saves time, money and any future loss that delay would have caused.
2. It creates a strong market value of the manufacturer.
3. It acts a warning to anyone who is potentially seeking to harm your IP rights.
4. It is easier to catch the culprit as soon as the act has taken place.
5. Trademark watch helps in controlling the wrongful spread of copies in the market. This in turn protects the consumers as well.
6. Trademark watching also acts as a monitor on competitors who would to try to degrade our clients and harm their trademarks. Like creating products with extremely similar features and name and selling it at lower rates. A pre-watch would prevent such products from even coming in the market.

Once an investigation is complete, we will create a specific report. This can be used for legal purposes, and would leave no ambiguity from our part. This report would incorporate all the details of the investigation with proofs wherever needed. Reports can be client specific and we respect that and we would be more than happy to adhere to client’s individual needs. The report so formed generally includes the following:

Company profile: An in-depth study of the company or manufacturer in question starting with its history and any current detail that has relevance in current situation of the company.
Present or initial use of the trademark of our clients.
A detailed description of goods and services being sold to the consumers in the name of the original manufacturer.
All the areas where trade is being conducted of the fake good and the trademark infringements have been carried out.
Any use of trademark on the internet and its root source.
Relinquishment of the company.
An investigation of the supply chain of the products. Making sure that the client does not face any loophole after the investigation is done with.

Africa Corporate Investigators have formed a clientele that is like a family to us and we aim to provide best trademark watch services to each person that entrusts us. We are professionals and we understand your need of confidentiality and we will not disclose any detail shared with us. You can feel free to contact us anytime with any query and will try our best to help you.

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