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Corporate Investigators Africa is a leading corporate verification and identification firm that has been providing these services for more than a decade. We have a group of trained professionals who work hard to bring to you the best services. Corporate Investigators Africa is a leading investigation firm in Asia and is among the top few firms all over the globe. We have been working in this field for a long duration now and we aim to reach farther heights. Africa Corporate Investigators holds strong ties in different nations and has partners/associates/agents in over one hundred and fifty countries. We have created strong connections and ties in various countries all over the world. Our unique position helps us to deliver you a reliable search which is delivered rapidly.

Our background check services are basically business advisory services. All the background checks are done to help the client to use the right candidate as an employee in their companies. Backgrounds checks are done to find out all the details of a subject and to make sure that the person in question is not acting fraudulently and to harm our clients or even such person’s past may not affect the company’s reputation or cause any damage to it. Our background screening services are thus on levels with business advices because we provide:

• Advices to help our clients to employ the right person and prevent them from any harm.
• Verification of candidate: This is important because a company can only look at papers and believe that the person is saying the truth but if precaution is not taken then that would mean there might be something faulty in that person who is to be employed and he is about to be made privy to the confidentialities of the company. Such risks must be nipped in the bud.
• Insight whether the subject fulfils due diligence requirements and he/she is not likely to cause harm to the company.

We are experienced investigators of background checks with a huge and reputed clientele. Corporate Investigators Africa offers various advantages in this field and various benefits of working with us include:

Education verification
Criminal record searches
Professional licensing
Civil record search
Professional licensing
Motor vehicle records
Previous employment verification
Credit reports
Drug testing
Legal right to work verification
Integrity assessment profile
Employment history

Criminal backgrounds hold the major portion of this search. A person’s criminal background may or may not affect the company from hiring him but the knowledge of such acts is necessary. This helps you make a sound decision. Criminal background screening of employees is done with extensive contacts and a wide set of investigators working for you. One wrong decision or even an unknown decision can cause a lot of trouble. And our advice would always be to take precaution before you enter in new collaboration with any person of such dubious background.

We work in different sectors of employment screening. We have employed investigators in all these different sectors of background investigation and they have been working day and night to provide our clients with the best services. We have created a rich clientele from around the globe. Various sectors that we have specialised our services in:

Background verifications
Claim verifications
IP rights verifications
Brand protection and enforcement services
Corporate risk related management services

We provide information to help our clients make informed decisions which prevents them from potential risks, violations, legal liability, losses, charges and other internal damages. We believe in providing discreet, aggressive and professional services so as to make sure no stone would be left unturned and that our clients are not left in two minds in any field of the case in question.

Our clientele includes various top organisations from around the globe who have entrusted us with various investigations and are currently doing the same. Our client base include domestic companies, multinational companies, government undertakings and individuals that require our private services. We have been providing services to various corporate organisations ranging from law firms, IP attorneys, audit and advisory companies, international investigators, insurance companies, education and training, wholesale trade, construction industry, recruitment agency, departments, transportation and housing, healthcare, banks and financial institutes, employment, education, staffing, social security, customer service, and support and character reference. Our work is aimed at different hazard facing regions of business and we as a team have together been able to provide service of unmatched quality.

We are always available on your beck and call and hold responsibility to protect our clients from any unforeseen damage. You can contact us if you need help with any query and we would willingly provide you with best advice. We have been providing and shall always provide an unquestioned service to our clients, with a hope to keep them safe.

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