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Corporate Investigators Africa has been a leading investigation company in various fields of investigation. We have been striving to provide the best services to our clients worldwide. Corporate Investigators Africa holds strong connections from around the globe and we have partnered investigation companies in over hundred and fifty countries. Our ability to access information is thus better than most of our contemporaries. We have always aimed for top quality investigations and to our client’s satisfaction. We have been working in corporate security, conducting various kinds of investigations, from due diligence to background checks. Intellectual Property Rights have been one of our leading fields of investigation. IP Rights investigations are of various kinds based on the product and client’s needs. We have clients seeking services in all different sectors of IP. Insurance claim investigations are conducted all over the globe by insurance companies to make sure they do not face frauds. We also provide private investigations and our investigators are trained to conduct these even at remote places. Another one of our core fields is background check investigations which can be of both a company and an individual. It is a necessity in the corporate world to conduct such investigations to prevent any harm. Finally, we have been working in the field of skip-trace services, wherein we find the location of any person from any part of the world. Corporate Investigators Africa has thus been a one stop investigation company for all investigation services.

We are offering the following investigation services in Botswana:

Corporate Investigation Services in Botswana

Investigations done by corporations from across the globe. It is a necessity for multinationals to protect their company from any harm or frauds. The number of ways in which the fraudsters can come at you are numerous. It can be theft, leaking documents, false relations, counterfeiting, embezzlement and extortion etc. But being a major company, it is not possible for you to protect yourself from smallest of the dangers that go unforeseen by a general conduct. But they turn out to be dangerous in the long run. So, we act as your eyes & ears and make sure you don’t have to face any such issue. Our client’s protection is our priority. We deal with various fields of corporate investigations, they include corporate due diligence investigations, corporate surveillance, technical surveillance counter measures, computer forensic investigations, corporate human resources issues and any other general investigation that you may demand. With improvements in all technological sectors, the act of frauds has been increasing and we advise you to protect your companies by pre-hand investigations in case of any doubts.

Insurance Claim Investigation Services in Botswana

Insurance claims investigation are requested by insurance companies from around the globe. Insurance is a simple way of securing one’s family in case of an untimely demise. But over the last decade the frauds that are conducted in this field have grown to be a matter of concern. People get an insurance of huge amount and fake their death to get that amount. On a smaller level, there have been multiple acts of small frauds too, and many such acts together cause a huge loss to insurance companies. We have been working precisely in this field and our clients have grown widely over the years. Our different services in this field includes Accident Claim Investigation, Life Insurance Claim Investigation, Property Claim Investigation, Travel Insurance Claim Investigation, Investigations of third party claims, Investigation of medi-claim insurance, Personal accident claims, Tracing witnesses and obtaining statements and interview, Homicide or suicide investigation, Background history investigation, Interviews and statements of any person involved, Documented evidence, Surveillance or activity checks, Medical records, Compulsory third party claims, Worker compensation claims etc. This matter is an issue of general concern for any insurance providing company. And it is the best option to keep an eye for any unforeseeable fraud. You can always contact us and put up your queries, even conducting an investigation and not finding anything fraudulent is normal but it gives a clear perspective. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

Intellectual Property Rights Investigation Services in Botswana

Intellectual property in today’s time is as valuable as another property. It basically amounts to having rights of their own ideas, plans, assets, and any other brand name etc. Technology has brought us to a point where brand names hold very high values and they are described by these trademarks at the same time it has gotten very easy for small sector manufacturers to replicate the brands and use their market position for small profits but these acts cause damages worth billions to the main market players. As a multinational, it is again not easy for you to keep a check on these acts. We have been helping our clients over the years to protect their trademarks by conducting numerous types of services. To put a stop to any such misdeeds it is a necessity that the acting party has connection with local authorities and operates with them. We as a matter of fact not only have such strong connections but now have conducted several such investigations successfully. We provide details like company profile, present or initial use of the trademark of our clients, description of goods and services being sold to the consumers, all the areas where trade is being conducted, any use of trademark on the internet and its root source and investigation of the supply chain of the products.

Background Verification Services in Botswana

Corporations have been needing business background checks from time to time. Many corporate entities increase business from time to time by coming into new business relations and ventures. These can be with new people or even a company. But then again any wrong step in corporate world can lead to massive liabilities. It is important to know that your new partner is safe for your company’s future and thus we help you conduct background checks. These checks include socio-economic history, debt and credit history, criminal background checks, checking track of bank frauds, current, complete profile search, registrar of the company records, annual reports, returns of all the past years, balance sheets; profit and loss, vanishing records of the company, past links and ventures and past legitimate cases and a detailed check of company’s credit records. It is a basic need before getting into any such venture. Our clients over the past years have grown to feel more protected. Our work can be individually based on your need. We have worked in different sectors of the industry and have gained a good reputation in all sectors.

Skip Tracing Services in Botswana

These services are done to locate a missing person who has not been able to be found by the locater by his own means. We as private investigators help you locate such people and get in touch with them or even get in touch on your behalf and conduct any needful help. Corporate Investigators Africa acts as a leading skip tracing service provider in Botswana. We have been conducting both general and major skip tracing service and have a good track record in this field too. Various people searched for in a skip tracing service would include missing witnesses, legal heirs, people needed for legal processes, delivery of documents to such people, debtors who have defaulted or even customers or client who have failed to pay etc. Information that we can provide would be current address, place of work, current phone number, ID number of that person and evidence supporting investigator’s claims. We make sure that our clients reach the desired party as soon as possible. We have deep rooted connections that provide us with such information acting as our leads. So you can trust us with our genuine work.

We at Corporate Investigators Africa have worked as a team to provide you the best service from all corners of the world. We respect your confidentiality and every single conversation shall remain private. We treat all our clients equally and we shall give equal importance to every project. We hope to increase our clientele and aim to satisfy every client that requests our service. Feel free to contact us for queries and we would be happy to help. Please have a look of all investigation services as follows:

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