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Corporate Investigators Africa Ltd. is a leading investigative company holding a strong base in various fields of investigation. Our experienced recruited employees and our worldwide connections give us a unique position. At Africa Corporate Investigators we have always provided an at par service to our clients. We and partners from around the globe have been working very hard to achieve client satisfaction. Our work has been spread in various branches and we strive to accomplish more with the passing years. Corporate investigations have been one of our core investigation fields and we hold pride in our numerous clients from around the globe. Another core field that we have been providing services in is Intellectual Property right investigations that are in regard to trademark infringements by small sector manufacturers. Our work in the field of insurance investigation speaks for itself. Our clientele of insurance companies from all over the globe has grown strong in the past decade and our worldwide connections helps us grow. Private investigation is another one of our main services, the kind of private investigations depend on you, and we make sure our all requirements are met accordingly. Background checks in corporations are very important and our clients have been relying on us for decades now. We provide both background check of a company or a person in detail with all needed information. Finally another one of our core service includes skip tracing services, which means finding the location of any person worldwide. We have attained a set of contacts that help us conduct skip tracing in any part of the world.

We offer the following investigation services in Cote d'Ivoire:

Corporate Investigation Services in Cote d'Ivoire

Corporations from all over the world have been facing internal and external damage due to development in various fields. There have various sources that act as threats to these corporations. Technological development has supported hacking and other cybercrimes and this is only a very small amount of problem. Major corporate companies with humungous employees cannot keep a check on its very activity and cannot control every employ as they have their own business to deal with here and that’s the fraudsters take advantage and these of theft, counterfeiting, extortion, embezzlement etc. can cause billions of loss to the operating firms. We provide corporate investigation services all over the globe. So basically we would do you work for you in protecting your company from losses of any sort. We have a strong clientele that depends on us for any such problems and we also keep a regular check at this issue. Various fields of investigations under this head include corporate due diligence investigations, corporate surveillance, technical surveillance counter measures, computer forensic investigations, corporate human resources issues and any other general investigation that you may demand. We are an experienced set of investigators who have worked in this field for years now and we thus understand how certain problems are caused or who maybe behind the acts. Even the small sector companies need this investigations to protect themselves.

Insurance Claim Investigation Services in Cote d'Ivoire

These investigations are requested by insurance companies from around the globe. Over the years with our experience it is safe to say that we know the acts and treachery that can be caused by people to fraud these companies and earn themselves profits. The result if the act turns our maleficent is twofold. You can always deny the insurance claim and secondly if the issue is major you can approach the authorities too. Our reports and findings will act as legal evidence. The problem of insurance claim frauds has been multiplying and the crimes are getting more and more organised everyday. There numerous kinds of insurance claim investigations that we have been providing, they include Accident claim investigation, Life insurance claim investigation, Property claim investigation, Travel insurance claim investigation, Investigation of third party claims, Investigation of medi-claim insurance, Personal accident claims, Tracing witnesses and obtaining statements and interview, Homicide or suicide investigation, Background history investigation, Interviews and statements of any person involved, Documented evidence, Surveillance or activity checks, Medical records, Compulsory third party claims, Worker compensation claims etc. One thing that we are certain of is that petty frauds are done every day and growing common by the neck of the hour to deceive your company. We will try our best to make ends meet in Help Company remaining secure.

Intellectual Property Rights Investigation Services in Cote d'Ivoire

Intellectual property rights have created with them a whole market in the smaller sector that creates ‘copies’ and sells them at knock off prices. These markets are all over the world and trademark infringement is growing very common. There various kinds of infringements and we work to solve issues related to every one of them but the result is just one that the comma who owns the original rights will face losses. You don’t have to be big manufacturer holding rights of some major products to face this issue. In fact it gets even hard for normal companies face this issue without any support. This is legal problem and would require us to get you proofs to present in court. We have worked with all such issues and our professionals would insure a fine work to you. A detailed report will be provided to you with all the relevant information like company profile, Present or initial use of the trademark of our clients, description of goods and services being sold to the consumers, all the areas where trade is being conducted, any use of trademark on the internet and its root source and investigation of the supply chain of the products.

Background Verification Services in Cote d'Ivoire

Working in corporate sector is tricky sometimes. As a corporate firm you strive to achieve more profits and increase your business. Getting into new partnerships and ventures holds a major part of it and thus comes with a lot of dangers too. We have been working at Corporate Investigators Africa on this issue and providing detailed background checks to firms. Background checks can be of both of any company or firm that you come into few ventures with and of any person that you employ in the near future or any other possible venture. But the question of security of the company after such ventures are done is primary. And thus a deep insight into the past and present standing of the target part is a necessity. We provide all the relevant details that you deserve to have the knowledge of. All the details told to you about the target company or person may or may not be relevant to your current venture but having knowledge would act as an advantage. After background check we would provide you with a detailed report of the target company and would essentially include These checks include socio economic history, debt and credit history, criminal background checks, checking track of bank frauds, current, complete profile search, registrar of the company records, annual reports, returns of all the past years, balance sheets; profit and loss, vanishing records of the company, past links and ventures and past legitimate cases and a detailed check of company’s credit records. Apart from these details any specific content that you ask for can be arranged.

Skip Tracing Services in Cote d'Ivoire

Skip tracing services are services aimed at tracing any person that you do not have any way of contacting. The idea of these services is that there are certain necessities mostly in procedural matter that need the presence of some untraceable person. It’s not always finding anyone who went missing or inactive suddenly you can also contact us for someone who maybe active but can’t be found by you. We as investigation companies have sources that enable in finding any person form any part of the world. We have worked for years and can assure you a better service than any other in this field of investigation. We have tracked missing witness, legal heirs, people needed for legal processes, delivery of documents to such people, debtors who have defaulted or even customers or client who have failed to pay etc. It’s not just tracking we would happy to extend any message and deliver any documents if needed.

Corporate Investigations Africa is multipurpose investigation agency. We stand as leading investigation company and we have worked hard to achieve this status. We respect your concerns and needs and our goal has always been to reach out to our customers and understand their needs. We will keep all the contacts confidential and we shall provide you with all the possible answers in a very short time. Our clientele has been our pride, and our services will speak for themselves. Please have a look of all investigation services as follows:

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