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Corporate Investigators Africa offers you a keen group of investigators who have worked in various fields of investigation, dealing with different clients and their variant problems from around the world. We seek to help every one of our clients to the fullest. We a huge international partner base with partners in over one hundred and fifty countries and several deep rooted connections. Our wide spread contacts have enabled us to conduct even the toughest of investigatiosn with ease. Our clientele has been growing every day and we appreciate our hardworking professionals to seek to provide you with the best service. We make sure no detail is left out and no investigation goes in vain. We provide services like corporate investigations which aim at protecting corporations from any kind of thefts, business background investigation services which helps our clients in making a sound decision and protect themselves from any false new venture, skip tracing services help us help you trace any person that may now be out of your reach, Intellectual property right investigations where we act as your guard from any trademark infringements that come your way and also insurance claim investigations that save insurance companies from any fraud claimants. Service mentioned are just the core names of the services provided that would include over fifty services and we work with specialised professionals of each field making our work efficient.

We provide the following investigation services in Kenya:

Corporate Investigation Services in Kenya

Corporate investigations are conducted in small, medium and large businesses and firms. The corporations encounter various misconducts as a part their regular basis. And with improvement in other sectors the misconducts have come as a curse. These business can come across scrupulous practices by internal staff, an act of theft of any sort, counterfeiting, embezzlement, extortion, due diligence matters, product diversion, trademark issues, fraud and any other such act that may harm and cause multiple losses. Corporate investigators help the companies to prevent such mishaps and avoid any damages. Corporate investigations are one of our core fields. We with holds several sub field of investigation like corporate due diligence investigations, corporate surveillance, technical surveillance counter measures, computer forensic investigations, corporate human resources issues and any other general investigation that you may demand. Our clientele only grown in this department. We have worked with several law firms and agencies that have time to time needed our help in investigating matters of all sorts. At Corporate Investigators Africa we do not provide false information or even help in any malicious acts. We have only acted positively within law to help our clients in attaining their desired information. Our experience helps us grow together as a firm in the field of corporate investigations.

Insurance Claim Investigation Services in Kenya

Africa Corporate Investigators is a key investigator of insurance claim investigations. We have had insurance companies from around the globe reach out to us for help to conduct insurance claims investigations. Insurance frauds are a whole different sector of crimes growing every day. We have had the experience of coming across several such cases where people have stopped low to the point of faking deaths to gain insurance money. The money involved in such cases is obviously very high and thus the loss to the insurance company is also very high. There are other several petty acts that also make a part of these frauds. We are not only focused but also motivated to help our clients protect themselves. Any insurance company these days does not tend to claims before a quick investigation to prevent any losses. After all several small losses would together mean a large loss. Insurance claim investigations has various sectors under it and is very wide department of investigation. The main sub sectors include Accident claim investigation, Life insurance claim investigation, Property claim investigation, Travel insurance claim investigation, Investigation of third party claims, Investigation of medi-claim insurance, Personal accident claims, Tracing witnesses and obtaining statements and interview, Homicide or suicide investigation, Background history investigation, Interviews and statements of any person involved, Documented evidence, Surveillance or activity checks, Medical records, Compulsory third party claims, Worker compensation claims etc.

Intellectual Property Rights Investigation Services in Kenya

Protecting your trademark is your right and keeping your check to ensure that no one violates this right of yours is a necessity. Corporate Investigators Africa has been trying to provide all over clients the protection from any kind of trademark infringements. Last two decades have seen a huge growth in the trademark infringements around the globe. Small markets sell products or use names of the bug brands that hold respectable market position and then sell fake products. These are not only harmful to the original producers but also to the customers. For example fake makeup products have been causing drastic skin diseases to so many consumers. You cannot track and keep a check on every person that intends to copy your trademark but we can. We can guard your product’s rights for you and uphold your good reputation in the market. We have been working with our highly skilled employees in this field for years now and you can rely on us as your own trusted source. We will provide you with a detailed report. These reports can be used in legal procedures if any entered by you in regard to infringements of your trademark rights.

Background Verification Services in Kenya

Background checks mean an investigation into a company or a person’s past. All the aspects of such target that may affect the client are noted and deeply looked into. Any future merger would require such a check to make sure that the company you are getting together is safe for your business. Anything fishy or doubtful will be clearly highlighted. You can also consider an advisors, we conduct these checks and together would highlight any ambiguous part of the target to you very distinctly therefore helping you make the right decision. These checks include socio economic history, debt and credit history, criminal background checks, checking track of bank frauds, current, complete profile search, registrar of the company records, annual reports, returns of all the past years, balance sheets; profit and loss, vanishing records of the company, past links and ventures and past legitimate cases and a detailed check of company’s credit records. We make sure we upload safety and provide an environment where you can place your trust in. Make sure that you get a proper background check before starting any new venture or employing any new person, it can lead numerous future liabilities and sometimes even harming your whole business’s existence.

Skip Tracing Services in Kenya

These services have been provided by us since years now and we hold a strong experience of identifying people. Skip tracing is a method of locating people that you need to contact but you can’t find them and that’s where we play a major role. We locate such people for you and even contact them if you need. We would even conduct full size surveillance if you need us too. Our goal is to make ends meet from your part. Sometimes finding certain people becomes a necessity for official work. We as investigators have sources that help us lead to the right destination. On the other hand you won’t be able to find someone like we do. And taking matters into your own hands would be wrong decision. But we only support bonfide investigations and would require complete details of your motive that would help us work for you better. Information that we can provide would be current address, place of work, current phone number, ID number of that person and evidence supporting investigator’s claims. Any other client specific information will be investigated accordingly.

Corporate Investigators Africa Ltd. is a leading investigation company for a reason; we put our client’s needs before us. We respect our client’s privacy and make sure that they are always provided quality work no matter the case it is. We keep all confrontations completely secure and you deal with only the best investigators all the time. Do not hesitate from coming to us with any queries we are happy to help. Please have a look of all investigation services as follows:

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