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Our services have been multi fold and we have been dominating the investigation field in Africa. Corporate Investigators Africa acts as a major investigator company who has been providing services in all possible sectors. We a group of professional investigators we aim to provide our clients with reliable information and we hold pride in our long standing clientele. Our firm clientele has not only helped us gain experience but also helped improve our work every day. Companies from all over the world have partnered with us and we are proud to be partnered with companies in over one hundred and fifty countries. One basic requirement of an investigator is the ability to gain information that you cannot actually find yourselves. We have made deep rooted connection around the globe that will us help you better. We are working in the core fields of investigation which are corporate investigation services, background check services, skip tracing services, insurance claim investigations, intellectual property right investigations and finally we have also been conducting private level investigation. Private investigations can be person specific and completely based on you method wherein we would focus on areas that you require us too. As investigators we have conducted all regular and out of context investigation and there is no field hidden from us.

We provide the following investigation services in Mauritania:

Corporate Investigation Services in Mauritania

Corporate frauds are growing very common. We ourselves are corporate company and we look around before taking any move. We cannot always tell what a person may be planning. The problem of corporate frauds is that once the harm is done, sometimes there is no proof left foreseeable by a regular person. It is investigators like us that can look in for any types of frauds. These frauds are done by people with dishonest and malafide intentions. These provide the perpetrators for some major advantages and leave you with disadvantages and losses. Acts of fraud, theft, extortion, embezzlement etc. amount to corporate frauds and it makes it very difficult for companies to deal with these losses. You have to act smart in such situations, some companies keep an eye with our help and lookout for any upcoming corporate frauds and some make sure we help provide them with the right evidence for legal hearings. Though our advice would be precaution is always better than cure thus you can take these measure even if you don’t currently find something fishy right in your company.

Insurance Claim Investigation Services in Mauritania

Another set of core investigation services. Insurance claims investigations are requested by insurance companies. These investigations have grown to be very common over the past years and we have conducting them for various companies from around the world. Insurance companies face people trying to fraud them by creating fake damages and even fake their deaths. Although insurance claims are not considered fishy at least not all of them but a true picture but getting investigation done does not harm anyone. A basic example of insurance fraud includes people faking their own deaths and then claiming the amount which is usually very huge. Even petty frauds would cause a company multitude of damage. Our different services in this field includes Accident claim investigation, Life insurance claim investigation, Property claim investigation, Travel insurance claim investigation, Investigation of third party claims, Investigation of medi-claim insurance, Personal accident claims, Tracing witnesses and obtaining statements and interview, Homicide or suicide investigation, Background history investigation, Interviews and statements of any person involved, Documented evidence, Surveillance or activity checks, Medical records, Compulsory third party claims, Worker compensation claims etc. We have conducted insurance claim investigations in countries all over the world and the service we have provided in this field has been spotless indeed. So if your company too needs an insurance claim investigation we are your one stop investigator company.

Intellectual Property Rights Investigation Services in Mauritania

Intellectual property that you own comes with certain rights. As you must know an intellectual property is completely your genuine trademark and no one but you can use. It’s basically means having rights over your own ideas and concepts that you thought of and thus you legalise the right to use and no one else. But when someone else starts using your intellectual property and the most obvious reason being to use your market position to gain profits which would in return cause you loss is a clear infringement of intellectual property rights. It can happen to any company or firm. It affect it has is equally harmful to any company. Major brands have incurred billions of losses over the years because of people who copy their product. They also fool the customers into buying a fake product and harm them which would again in turn harm the brand’s market reputation. We at Corporate Investigators Africa have been providing services to major multinational brands from around the globe and have been looking for counterfeiters in different distinct parts of the world to our clients. We also work with legal authorities and we have resulted in several major seizers to such manufacturing companies. You protection is our priority and intend on upholding it. We provide you with a detailed report of all the details that we found after the investigation is completed. This can also be used in legal hearings. We provide details like company profile, Present or initial use of the trademark of our clients, description of goods and services being sold to the consumers, all the areas where trade is being conducted, any use of trademark on the internet and its root source and investigation of the supply chain of the products.

Background Verification Services in Mauritania

Corporate entities expand their business by merging and acquiring other similar entities. Such merger and acquisitions are commonly conducted in the business sector. These act as a quick way of instant growth and development of business. But the valuation of the prospective partner is an important pre requisite, it protects the company from any future mishaps and losses. Valuation would be a detailed background check of the prospective partner. Any corporation ready to participate in a joint venture, must conduct a background screening of such future partners. We have set of trained professionals who work day and night help you make the right decision and protect you against and harmful entity. These checks include socio economic history, debt and credit history, criminal background checks, checking track of bank frauds, current, complete profile search, registrar of the company records, annual reports, returns of all the past years, balance sheets; profit and loss, vanishing records of the company, past links and ventures and past legitimate cases and a detailed check of company’s credit records.

Skip Tracing Services in Mauritania

Skip tracing means locating any person that you weren’t able to locate. We at Africa Corporate Investigators, we have been conducting these services for a very long time now. There are several outcomes to a skip tracing service and we understand that every client would have his own individual demands in this regard. Information that we can provide would be current address, place of work, current phone number, ID number of that person and evidence supporting investigator’s claims etc. Once such an investigation is done and we have located the person then it is up to you if you want us to conduct a surveillance on the target or deliver any needful documents or even just ask for details of such person and end the investigation to deal on your own. The choice is yours to make, we are your service always.

Corporate Investigators Africa respects its clients and their confidentiality the most. We make sure your private details remain so with us. Our team of Africa Corporate Investigators provides all the above services and more. You can always rely on us for any kind of investigation that you seem right. We have been working on attaining a 100% success rate of our investigations have been successful till date. Feel free to contact us for any queries or questions that may occur to regarding any field. We would be happy to help. Please have a look of all investigation services as follows:

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